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All our animals are fed with natural pastures from Galicia. Due to its geographical situation, Galicia has an oceanic and humid climate, characterized by the regularity of rainfall throughout the year and mild temperatures.

These characteristics give us meadows with green and natural pastures, providing the meat with a high concentration of intramuscular fats (marbling) and its slightly spicy and salty taste, probably due to its proximity to the ocean, since these animals are fed exclusively with grass , clovers and plants that grow only in this area with such a special climate.

In these meadows, farmers also produce other types of cereals, such as barley or corn, which are used to supplement the feeding of cows.

The small family owned farms are the main characteristic of the rural Galicia, in which they usually graze 5 or 6 cows that spend the day in the fields and then, during the night, the farmers collect them and take them to stables where they sleep on dry grass so that the meat of the animal is more tender. Each animal has a large space to graze, without stress, throughout the breeding process until slaughtering, which is essential for the welfare of the animal and also necessary to obtain a tender and tasty meat.

Considered as one of the best meats in the world, Galician beef has an unmistakable taste, very pleasant and refined, achieved thanks to the geographical and agroclimatic environment, as well as respect for tradition embodied in the feed of livestock with natural fodder coming from natural products of vegetable origin.

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