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– Prime Beef –


The best meat in the world is produced in Galicia. We are proud of our origin.


We take care of the animal and feed it with the best pastures.


We select the best cattle and we serve the product in optimal conditions.

About us

Our experience plays a crucial role when it comes to rearing and processing our products: we raise the animals, they graze on the best pastures, the finest livestock is selected, and we serve the product according to the highest standards.

Dry Aging

“Dry Aging” is the process of resting to which beef is subjected to its progressive aging, in controlled temperature and humidity environments for a prolonged period of time.


All our animals are fed with natural pastures from Galicia. Due to its geographical situation, Galicia has an oceanic and humid climate, characterized by the regularity of rainfall throughout the year and mild temperatures.


– Prime  Beef –

“Galicia produces some of the best meat in the world, and at Gallaecia Delicatessen we are proud of our heritage”


– Prime Beef –


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